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Collectable Car Club

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The Collectable Car Club is based in the Lower North Island New Zealand. All makes, models, years. Factory and modified Vehicles are welcome. Catering for the Lower North Island of New Zealand.

The Club motto is that if you think your car is ‘collectable’ you can join.
The members enjoy going on club runs in loose convoys usually heading out of Wellington and Wanganui and meeting generally at a cafe or similar for lunch and going to some fascinating collection or item of interest in the afternoon which can be car related or not..
Sometimes I wonder what other road users think when they see a collection of "Collectable's" cars traveling together. It is not like a usual one mark car club where it is obvious, as there will be Aussie Holdens and Fords, American V8, English 4 and 6's, Daimler, Jaguar, Triumph, Lotus, Zephyrs and others, European Porsche, VW, BMW, Volvo.

part of a typical Collectable Car Club lineup

If you are interesed in comming along please drope me an Email at the address below and I will fowards it on to the club contacts.
Eccentric New Zeland
(I am taking this approch just to save the contacts beeing spamed with junk emails).